Yey! Your wedding is getting closer!

Final wedding details & Run sheet

We are getting closer to your big day and all your wedding preparations will be underway! To ensure the day runs smoothly and all the little bits and pieces have been organised have a look at our final wedding details & run sheet below. A printable word file is also available below if you would like to fill this out with your partner as you go. 


Once you have all the details confirmed for your wedding fill out this form below or send us back your word doc and we will have everything on record.

All the final information must be submitted 21 days before your wedding. Don't be too overwhelmed by all the information - download the form and take your time to fill it out as you go with your wedding planning.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to send Jen & JC an email to or call 07 3862 1840. We will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Please check below if you are having your ceremony somewhere other than Vieille Branche
So we don’t bother you during your ceremony, who should we call, if necessary, as a point of contact on the day before & after your ceremony?
Do you have a stylist or florist providing any additional styling for your ceremony, please detail? If so what time will they be arriving to deliver/install? The best times for the Vieille Branche team are Friday afternoon or Saturdays after 12pm. If you have any other styling notes please add them in here.
Supplier details
Contact Name, Phone + Email
Contact Name, Phone + Email
Please note: we prefer if your florist could bump in from 12 midday on the day of your wedding or the Friday afternoon beforehand.
Between 9am - 10am the day after your event. Please tell us who will be collecting the day afterwards.
Contact Name, Phone + Email
Contact Name, Phone + Email
i.e From 12:30pm - 2pm the day of your wedding
Have you organised with your caterer to cut and serve the cake?
Contact Name, Phone + Email
(ie share dishes, cocktail canapes, indian, grazing table, food truck?)
If they are not from our preferred suppliers form have we had a meeting with your caterers to run through our kitchen setup?
Is all kitchen equipment, crockery and serving dishes being hired through your catering company or by you? Vieille Branche provides bench space only.
BAR SETUP – Check either A or B *
What time will you be delivering all the alcohol for your wedding? The day before your wedding is the best time for Vieille Branche
What time will you caters bar staff be bumping in?
What time will you be delivering all the alcohol for your wedding? The day before your wedding is the best time for Vieille Branche
(ie beer wine & champagne, basic spirits etc)
Have you hired glass wear for your wedding? Make sure you hire enough for your final number of guests
Do you have a water or non-alcoholic drink station? Please let us know any details for this?
Have you provided serviettes and plastic cups if you want to serve your drinks/soft drinks from these.
Will you be serving tea & coffee? Please let us know any details for this?
Any Decoration? Please give details if you have a family member arranging any extra table decoration on the day.
Do you want to hire the Antique Chalk board for guests on arrival? If yes would you like a Vieille Branche staff member to write your names/message. Please type in your message here (make sure it isn’t too long so it fits on the board) ie Congratulations Bob & Jane
Will you have a present table or wishing well? If yes please discuss this with JC where you would like this on your wedding day Bump out time the next day is 9am – 10am. Please note after 10am the space will be closed.
If you would like to organise staff through us please select one from below. These staff are exclusively for bar service hire.
Rubbish Removal *
As we don't have sufficient space for glass and cardboard rubbish on site we will need it to be removed the following day. This can either be done by yourselves or through skip bin hire. Food waste should be removed by your caterers on the evening of your event – we will discuss this with them
Vieille Branche Hire *
Any extra's on the day
Chilling Drinks *
If you would like to hire additional cold storage
Choose one below
Choose one below
Contact Name
Below is an example for a 3-11pm Ceremony & Wedding at Vieille Branche. This is just an example – please fill this out as you imagine your wedding. 3:00pm Groom & Guests arrive for ceremony 3:30pm Bride arrives and ceremony commences 4:30pm Ceremony concludes. Bridal party spend some time for photos Guests begin drinks & canapés package, guests mingle in bar area & front area 4:45pm If tables need to be setup this will happen at this time by Vieille Branche staff. 5:30PM Bridal party arrive, bridal party entrance optional here? 6:00pm Bridal party mingle with guests? 6:30pm MC welcomes guests and run’s through the evenings events 7:00pm Main meals are served 7:40pm Speeches begin 8:30pm Speeches begin (allow approx. 40min for speeces 9:10pm Cutting of cake 9:25pm First dance, party! 9:30pm Wedding cake served 10:30pm Last drinks called. 10:45pm Bride and groom farewell guests 11:00pm Wedding concludes & transport arrives.


Vieille Branche EVENTS CONTACT NUMBER ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT - (07) 3862 1840

21 DAYS prior to your wedding please provide the following to Vieille Branche

  •   Completed Final Details Sheet in full + email back to Vieille Branche in a Word document or via the online form

Please note:

Final numbers and final payment must be confirmed and processed 14 days before the wedding date as per the Terms + Conditions in the Vieille Branche Weddings + Events Package

Thankyou and looking forward to sharing your big day!

JC & Jen