The Short

Vieille Branche - Things or Old is a small Brisbane boutique who import French Antiques and Vintage from the cold French seaside to balmy Brisbane Australia. On there buying trips to France they select a diverse, eccentric range of French Antiques & Vintage dating from 1700’s through to the Mid/Late 1900’s collected from the Normandy region of France. Expect to see unique one-off pieces with character and timeless style to suit modern Australian taste.

Jen & JC are the whole process in collecting these unique items for their Brisbane customers. They source, pack, catalogue, import, unpack, decorate and run the space to ensure each item arrives in good condition.

These pieces are the ‘real thing’, hand selected from French country fairs and brocantes around Normandy. Sourcing is an incredibly important aspect of the whole process, and the pair have skill in selecting for an Australian aesthetic, while maintaining that French style & eccentricity.

We supply to the public and also the design industry. If you are looking for a particular piece of French Furniture or unique object send us an email with a photo/description and we will get in touch with our French contact who has been dealing in antiques for generations and has access to many antique and vintage goods. Come in to say hello and have a chat at 10 Fox St, Albion or send us an email at


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The long

So this is a little blurb about the people at Vieille Branche - Things of old and how and why they decided to take on this furniture venture!  

Jennifer met JC one evening in Spring 2011. Shortly afterwards, JC left Brisbane to go fruit picking in Childers but they kept in touch and a few months later (to Jennifer's delight) he arrived back on her doorstep in West End. Jennifer, a graphic designer and JC, a photographer happily worked their way through 2012 doing freelance work and collecting old furniture to re-furbish.  In September 2012 they decided to head over to France to meet JC's family. 

Straight off the plane and after a drive to Normandy, Jennifer found herself slap-bang in the middle of a French farm house, eating rabbit stew and trying to communicate with her very minimal French with JC's parents. Lucky she had JC to do the translating! 

A few days into the holiday they began looking around at the furniture shops in the area. They had discussed the idea to bring furniture back while they were in Australia and were very enthusiastic about what they could find. They picked up a few bits and pieces and phoned home (Australian home) to tell them of their purchases. All in Aus said, "go for it" and they began buying. 

They had a little luck along the way. JC's oyster farmer friend happened to have a spare warehouse, JC's mother had a few spare cars from her Taxi/Ambulance business and they found a furniture buying partner in France to source products while they were back in Australia. 

They threw themselves in the deep end and extended their 6 week holiday to 5 months. Just before Christmas 2012, the container was loaded up in 3hrs (see the video below) and sent on it's way back to Australia. 

Arriving in February 2013, they decided to do a few markets and set up an online shop. Again, a little luck came their way and they were able to rent out the bottom studio at 22 Ross St, Newstead from close family friends. 

JC and Jen

JC and Jen

After the trial shop at 22 Ross St, they headed back to France for another collection and over Christmas 2014 moved into a larger warehouse at 10 Fox St, Albion.

Newly painted and decorated with French antiques & vintage, the new space has shared offices and is available for rent for events and likewise. 

Their grand plan is to create a unique space in Brisbane and welcome people through the doors to look and enjoy the space as much as they do. 

But it's nicer to meet them and chat properly, so come down to 10 Fox St, you'll find them there fromTuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5.30pm


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